Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Tampa Trip

So i went on an extended escapade the last weekend. Decided to go meet a gaming friend of mine (Totalitar) i have known for the better part of two years. We talk daily just never met face to face. He was bragging about the quality of his strip clubs so I decided to test him in his claims. To sweeten the deal I was gonna swing by and meet another gaming buddy of ours (Jarlyn) and take him with me to Tampa. Despite getting a ticket for speeding in the middle of Bumfuck nowhere. We get there fairly quickly. Not long after we are out of the car we are barraged with booze and decided to go check out a local bar and watch some football. After watching Ohio State manhandle Penn State for a while Totalitar drags us out of the bar to go to a strip club. At this point I really don't know where or who I am all i know is that our waitress was hot as holy hell and there were titties flying around everywhere. Most of the girls were dressed up in costume for Halloween, but our waitress was wearing a jockey outfit and carrying around a riding crop. I got to whip her a few times and I still have marks where she whipped me. Anyway at some point I realized that she was even more fucked up than I was. Since i ordered drinks from her a few times and she came back confused as hell. To conclude the night we ended up back at Totalitars place completely wasted watching Grandma's Boy. All in all good night.

Next day we woke up kinda late. Went out to a place called Quaker Steak and Lube. This was an unusual place for me. It was a HUGE parking lot loaded with bikers and as we went inside the first thing i noticed was a TON of Cleveland Browns fans watching the game. I didn't think there were this many Browns fans in Cleveland let alone in Tampa FL. Anyway we sat down proceeded to start drinking again and got some great food. They had badass wings there with a crap ton of sauces to pick from. Great place. After chilling for a little while we head to Busch Gardens to go to their Hallow-scream event. Park stayed open till about 2am with all sorts of Haunted Houses, park workers dressed up trying to scare you, and all the normal stuff in the park. So riding rollercoasters while drunk and high was a new kind of experience for me. Needless to say as the adrenaline kicked in from the rollercoaster I got all the fun stuff shot through my body at once. A plethora of hot chicks, booze, and rollercoaster permeated through the night. Ended up headed back to Totalitar's place to chill out late that night. Watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force : Movie till we passed out.

Last day we found some whole in the wall type place that had INCREDIBLE all you can eat fajitas. Spent some time there consuming beer and fajitas before heading over to Totalitar's place. Alot of people came to his place had a decent party for a while. Went rolling pumpkins for a little bit. I ended up passing out on the couch around 3am. Yeah I was a puss but i hadnt slept much in the last 4 weeks. Got my ass up the next morning and drove home. Kicking Jarlyn out and continuing on. 13 hour drive.

Thanks to Totalitar for a good time.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Fish, chips, beer, insolence.....

For lunch, BP and I decided to meet up downtown with Pigpen. The locale of our rendezvous was non other than the Dan McGuinness Irish pub. So yeah all of us have to go back to work, but of course we had to have some brew. Pigpen is a homo for going to a fucking Irish pub and ordering a club sandwich. What kind of fruitcake does that. I mean if it isn't chicken strips or a hamburger, or you can't order it from a clown's mouth he won't eat it. No culture.... After telling many stories and talking shit about people (pretty much a mainstay for me). We all headed back to work where i was promptly afflicted by the itis and a debillitating desire to pass out at my desk.

And i think BP is gonna try to lay pipe to the GILF in the office.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


So to start out this blog my buddy Pigpen calls me and says when we go to the Ohio State Football game that we should get a Motel over staying with some of my friends or family so we can "fuck random chicks". So.... Yeah he's married too.